Thursday, June 6, 2013

Access Avenue TV's Music- Should we grant a pass or Deny it?

Should we grant a pass or Deny it?
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Young G.O.D.z


Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Biography: A hip-hop group that’s like none other, straight out of the Queen City and typically known as the “Queen City Kingz.” The “Young G.O.D.z” is a perfect mixture of North and South. J.B, Ya~HiNe$$, and Young FLaMEz” all have extremely distinctive styles with killer lyrics, so joined together; they form a powerful allegiance which makes this hip-hop group total “FIRE!” Check out their first single titled, “What’s up?” and see why the YGz “Got em rockin in the clubs.” The “YGz” has been, spreading their music and stamping their place in Hip Hop history coming straight from the Queen City. The “Young G.O.D.z” is just what the industry needed to represent Hip-Hop in the right way.

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